US Space Force (29 of 30)

I’m sure you are all aware of the 4 branches of the US Miltary, Army, Navy, Marines, and Space Force. Ohh wait you never heard of the USSF? Huh, that’s funny, when I joined the Air Force back in 2000, I was told that within the decade we would become the US Air and Space Force, and then US Space and Air Force, and it’s been a decade…. so what gives? I was really hoping to be apart of this:

space force

So what does this have to do with networking? Well, as I said, cool names were promised, but they were in the end just gimmicks to sound cool, that resulted in failure. So now when I talk to a vendor about how they are going to be “cloud engineer’s” it’s great time to tell them how I was going to be in the “Space Force.” Now, this is not to discredit the vendor, their marketing dept, or SDN, but I just can only take so much spin.

If you do a simple search for “cloud engineer” on Monster, every listing has something different, and it really does not define what you are doing. This is not to say that network engineer’s no vlans, and system’s folks know hypervisor’s, but let’s be honest with ourselves. If you come into an office to talk about replacing network hardware, how about we just call you a network engineer? You know, so I know what you actually do?

I’ve never been impressed with titles, and even less impressed with made up ones. When I applied for my first job out of the Air Force, (sadly I didn’t make it to the space force) I said I was in network operations. Little did I know that I would be what other’s call either a network engineer, senior network engineer, network architect, or whatever else my job actually entailed. I was too green to realize how other large organizations had separate groups and roles for these titles, and I just knew I worked in network operations.

Ken Celenza — Senior Cloud Architect


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