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How to be a Better Speaker (19 of 30)

Now this doesn’t pertain to public speaking, which most of us won’t be doing all that much, but rather how to be better heard in meetings, especially highly technical meetings where ego can get in the way.

TLDR: Listening

It’s that simple, everyone wants to be heard, and they are not listening to you if they don’t get a voice as well. I read this somewhere (lifehacker??) several years ago and have employed the technique in my day to day since then.… Read more

Filter Incomplete Sessions on Palo Alto Firewalls (11 of 30)

A short tip today.

Here is a quick way to filer out in your logs packets that were never established (e.g. syn, but no syn/ack.)

(bytes_received geq 1) and (bytes_sent geq 1)

Of course if you are only getting a syn and not a syn/ack, the IP should probably be closed off all together, but you may have some situations where this is to be expected.

 … Read more