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It’s the Network’s Fault, I promise you (7 of 30)

So you probably presume I am entering some tirade in which explain the story of someone insisting that there is a network issue, and after days or weeks the issue is finally found out to not be a network issue, leaving me the unsung hero. Well, this is not that story, if you have been in the network business for any period of time you have this happen many times, and my story is no more unique then yours. While it does help to to relieve some of that frustration, not much to be gained from it.… Read more

Vendor Eval Sheet (4 of 30)

When doing a vendor evaluation it is never fun process, especially if it is a company you are working with the first time. First the vendor comes in with their sales guy, even though you specifically asked to have a technical resource to┬ácome instead, they insist they want to “get a feel” for you are looking for. You get the nice brochure, you have that waste of a meeting, and if you are like me, you partially torture the guy, in mostly good fun.… Read more