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Interface DNS (26 of 30)

When creating traceroutes, it is always nice to have the interfaces reflected in dns, you can see that most interfaces are seen via the internet like so:


It’s even more meaningful when you can do the same on your internal network. I created a script, which is an extension of a previous post, parses your configs from a directory you specify, creates a list of networks, and then also outputs entries to be added to your dns. You can see a quick output here:


As always, you can follow this on my Github.Read more

OUI Finder (24 of 30)

I have been looking into doing some simple scripts based on a a post on reddit, this the first one. The idea is simple, query a switch and alert if you find an oui you don’t want (e.g. netgear, linksys, etc.) I wanted to write the code a bit cleaner, but ran into a few issues, and didn’t have the time. It is functional (on cisco at least) and the alert is only set to print for now, but it is in a function and can be easily changed to do what you want with it.… Read more

Route View Script (20 of 30)

I created a script that logs into route servers ( I used the ones found here routeserver) and checks for networks that you define. All you have to do is define the networks with edge ASN, this way it can tell you which last hop ASN it took from that route server, and you can match that to your peer’s ASN.

There is basically two files, the configs file, which comes pre-populated with the route servers from the server above, and the script itself named routeserver.pl.… Read more

IP Network Parser (18 of 30)