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Text Tools take 2 (10 of 30)

If you missed my first post on Text Tools, you can find it here, where you can also read my full disclaimer. In that example, you replace multiple items in one config, in this example you have a few variables for highly repeatable configs. Think you have a bunch of interfaces and the only thing that changes is interface, vlan, and description.

Go to http://itdependsnetworks.com/text_tools.php, and fill the left side with your variable replacements, and the right side with the repeatable configs.… Read more

Text Tools–Take 1 (6 of 30)

I have been a fan of Text Mechanic a site uses javascript to perform a bunch of actions on a given set of text. What is nice about it being javascript is everything is within browser. However it doesn’t meet all my needs. I have started to create some text tools of my own, but I am doing it in Perl, so please note that the configlets are seen by my server, and though I have no intention of logging them, I am not responsible for them either 🙂 I plan on releasing this and more on github, so stay tuned.… Read more

Behind the scenes of RANCID (5 of 30)

If you are a network guy, even if you have never installed, used, or seen RANCID, you probably still know about it. However, in case not, you can find more at Shrubbery Networks, where you will find this short write-up on what RANCID does.

RANCID monitors a router’s (or more generally a device’s) configuration, including software and hardware (cards, serial numbers, etc) and uses CVS (Concurrent Version System) or Subversion to maintain history of changes.

There is a log of documentation on how to install, configure and run RANCID, but I haven’t found much that explains how all of the configurations files and scripts interact with each other.… Read more

Palo Alto to HTML Script (2 of 30)


I posted this on Palo Alto’s support site a while ago, but here it is in the open.

I wrote a perl script that I am using to display the ruleset from 4.1 through 6.x firewalls. It is as simple as I know how to make it, which probably isn’t that simple. I am not a developer, and if you look at my code it shows. I have seen several people ask for tag and zone based views, plus ability to export to excel, so this is an alternative method until PA supports that.… Read more