Text Tools take 2 (10 of 30)

If you missed my first post on Text Tools, you can find it here, where you can also read my full disclaimer. In that example, you replace multiple items in one config, in this example you have a few variables for highly repeatable configs. Think you have a bunch of interfaces and the only thing that changes is interface, vlan, and description.

Go to http://itdependsnetworks.com/text_tools.php, and fill the left side with your variable replacements, and the right side with the repeatable configs. The variable to replace is on the first line, each subsequent line is the configs to be replaced. You can have as many variables and lines as you want. e.g.


interface <test1>
description <test2>
switchport access vlan <test3>


Fill Out Form

*ensure correct radio button is marked.


I have put together little scripts like these over and over, I find them useful, but this is the first time I am consolidating them all. I will eventually integrate them into a cleaner jquery based interface, but for now I am just working on functionality.



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