Cisco Symmetrical Script (14 of 30)

A while ago I had written a script that would logon to Cisco devices, run a traceroute from IP-A to IP-B then do the same for IP-B to IP-A. It would then query each hop with snmp and see if they worked out to be the same path. If it wasn’t, it would show you the differences.

I have put it up on github.

Update the below with your personal configurations

my $snmp = ‘snmp_read’;

my $ios_username = ‘ios_username’;
my $ios_password = ‘ios_password’;
my $ios_enable_password = ‘enable_password’;

Then you can run the script via cli, or send an html form to the script.

Here is an example of it finding a symmetrical pairing.


Here is an example of it not finding a symmetrical pairing.


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