I am Network Expert… and SO can you!! (in your worst Russian accent) (1 of 30)

So why I am here making such grandiose statements? Over a year ago I read an article on Lifehacker about  Impostor Syndrome, after that I started to reflect on myself and compare myself to other’s in the networking world. I realized when I would compare myself to Greg, Ethan or Ivan from the blogsphere (who I gained a lot of information from) I would feel like an impostor and not expert, that they are the professionals and not me. Then after reading the Lifehacker article, I started to look at it from the other perspective, there are many other people that I read, learn from, and enjoy that presumably have more or less knowledge, experience, and intelligence… but they are contributing all the same. They might not have the same knowledge as a select few, but aren’t they experts too?

Now I am taking the position that I am an expert, not something that has to really ever be mentioned again, but for my own self-worth and progression, I need to be the expert. I say this knowing that I open myself up for criticism, and a lot of chop busting from colleagues and friends, but that is okay. (Besides there jokes will be obvious and simple-minded anyway.)

I do think I have something to offer the greater community, now all that stands in my way is the resolve to stay on top of this, correct marketing, and actually have a voice that people care to hear. In the end, I will judge my results by the section on the right labeled “Archives.” If that is nice and long, I will consider this a success. If my writing style improves and I can garner some followers, that would be even better

The second reason that I am finally in motion was reading Greg Ferro’s 30 day blog challenge. It has been well over a year since I read the impostor article, for years I have read many other come up with similar post to what I would have written, or have done, so time to get moving.

So what do I intend to do with my little slice of the www? My initial thoughts are to create some tools, provide some tips, and share my experience in the networking world. I have been working a lot with Palo Alto firewalls, and I don’t see a lot of information on the internet about them, so I will take up some space on that.

Ultimately, we will just see where we end up.


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